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Established in 2005, as one of the leading Inflatable Advertising Company in Lebanon, Middle East & Gulf Countries;
In almost 17 years of experience in the inflatable advertising field, Fly Away earned a respectful and trustworthy reputation for quality and service in the market, where we can proudly said that the Inflatable Product started to be a NEED for every Product's Marketing Campaign, Company or Brand Awareness, Shops' Promotions or Grand Opening, Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Wedding Decoration etc....

We are offering the Best Quality International Standard in a very fast time delivery with very competitive prices.

Fly Away can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Our giant inflatable balloons project a positive image that creates brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression.

Our Products & Services are divided into 2 parts:
We have Standard Inflatable Products for Sale or Rent
i.e: Giant Archways, Giant Inflatable on ground standing Montgolfier, Flying Helium Balloons, Air Dancers...
& Custom made products for almost any shape or product replication.

Increase the Sales of Your Product or Service with High Visual Impact
When you make a strong visual impression, your product or service stays in the minds of consumers longer.
In fact, visuals are the elements that are viewed first in almost all forms of advertising.

By using the balloon at trade shows, conventions and other corporate events, promotions or openings, your brand will receive unsurpassed exposure. In addition to the spectators attending the event, the inflatable carries your message
to the surrounding countryside, increasing the exposure to thousands more who are exposed to your giant shaped product.

Just imagine the attention grabbing and branding power a 10 meters tall reproduction of your product or logo will have.
In addition to being eye-catching, inflatables and balloons offer a number of other benefits such as:

Increasing Media Attention
Improving Branding Awareness  
Drawing Traffic to your location
Increasing Sales
Creating an emotional connection with consumers
Easy Relocation
Price Affordability

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Fly Away s.a.r.l
Nazih Waked Bldg - Ground Floor
Zouk Mosbeh - Keserouan

Tel/Mobile:  +961 3 41 56 84
Email: info@flyawayco.com

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